Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore

I’m deployed and i’ve been here about 2 months now, lately my wife’s attitude is changing. She’s spending a lot of time with my “male” friends and partying and stuff.

The other day my friend and her were in her room because (I quote): “I was drunk and he was just there to make sure no one else from the party went in, he was guarding the bed”, i also noticed that that same friend has her as her number one friend on myspace, and they text message each other, A LOT.

Also when i called her yesterday, she told me that we talk way too long every day, and she runs out of things to say. She said that me and her need to talk shorter that way we don’t waste a lot of money on phone cards.

When she tells me she loves me and misses it sounds like she’s just replying to me saying it.

She has also stated that since i have been in the desert i have become to vunlerable and i look into things way too much…

I’m not sure what’s going my wife cheating on me? or does she simply not love me anymore? should i be worried?

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