Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me Or Am I Just Paranoid?

I am paranoid that my girlfriend will cheat on me. My girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year and almost living together for a year. I am thinking about asking her to marry me ( we talk as if it is only a matter of when) ;however, some recent changes have made me question her.

Recently she got a second job working at Ruby Tuesdays which has helped her non-existant social life. She has made a lot of friends.

Over the past month I have noticed she has been going out more and more to the point where fridays and saturdays we do not spend together. Granted I am completely pre-occupied with college full-time and work full-time.

This past weekend and week has been strange. First she accuses me of cheating on her which we got over in a night. The she starts talking about this really nice guy Jason who she works with who she wants to be friends with. Funny thing is this guy text her at night and saturday morning txted her at about 7am. She re-iterated to him that she has a b/f. However, now she is deleting her txt messages everyday when she used to keep them literally for months. She seems distant and not as needy which before she was very dependant on me. I love her having a social life but I have this gut feeling that something is rotten in denmark. She still says she loves me, she work me up and attacked me that saturday, and she still talks of marriage. Still something doesn’t feel right I have asked her and she says I am overly jealous.

Should I be worried? I can give more details as requested.
I will say this her dad and mom are divorced (cheating) and the thought of cheating strikes a cord with her.

Another point I do not know if she is more distant because of her renewed social life.

I do not want to spy. But i need some hints for what I can observe.
I can not sit down with her I already have and she denies anything. She says its annoying that I ask her ( I have a few times).

She has invited me with her in the past but this weekend when I said I wanted to go. She say that the trainers are leaving and she just kind of wanted to hang out with her co-workers.

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