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Let’s take a look at some cheating wife signs. Many men have their suspicions, but they are not sure how to deal with it.  They might join online “how to catch wife cheating” forums to communicate with other men in the same situation, or they desperately try to figure out what infidelity warning signs to look for.

Many men ask ‘is my wife cheating on me?’ but few find the answer they seek in their own time and end up either living with the niggling worry that they are or once did or at the other end find out too late to save their relationship or to end it on their own terms.

Some men turn to private investigators to trail their wives costing hundred of dollars for questionable service and before they do their homework, this article will give you four signs of a cheating wife that might help you make the right decisions.

1. Appearance.  Women are notorious for going to extremes to look good and no man totally begrudges this when it is for their benefit but after marriage and a maturing relationship the effort usually goes downhill a little to a LOT. You have noticed this over time I am sure so if you find a sudden change in attitude towards their appearance in terms of exercise, make up, clothes and so forth you might have to wonder why they are putting so much effort into this especially for when they might be just going to work or going out without you. IF they have not mentioned why they might be doing this you can cause to worry about cheating.

2. Money. Money matters are something couples argue about all the time but what you need to look for here are consistent oddities in your bank account. Are there credit card purchases that are unexplained? Do they take money out of ATMs in large amounts to cover up for what they are buying? Increased spending could be a sign of buying things for them to impress or paying for younger lovers even and should be considered carefully.

3. Time. More than money with women however is how they spend their time; do they work longer hours than usual now? Do they spend an awfully long time visiting friends or even going shopping? Do they get angry when you question them about where they have been? Affairs take a lot of time and effort and are hard to account for if you look closely at this sign of cheating.

4. Intimacy Sexual and non sexual intimacy can change drastically when your wife is having an affair. From increased sex drive to a much lessened sex drive the changes may not be the same for all women but when they are a lot different from your usual routine you have to wonder at the circumstances behind it. The bigger issue though is usually emotional intimacy, do they treat you the same way with a loving attitude or are they colder and more distant?

Perhaps they even seem to force a loving disposition out of guilt? To catch a cheating wife you need to be aware of these subtle changes in their behavior. This will help you solve the question ‘is my wife cheating on me?!’

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If these signs of a cheating wife have revealed the possibility that your woman is sleeping around behind your back then make sure you know how to make certain they are and know how to react and deal with this issue because the wrong approach can have dire consequences.



Signs Of A Cheating Wife
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