Number of wives cheating is rising because more wives are in the workplace?

I read an interesting article that made the claim that the % of wives cheating was on the rise; that the number of cheating spouses wouldn’t be so great if it wasn’t for the fact that there is a greater number of women that’ are not in the workforce. The article pointed to the increasing number of women cheating and associated to their increase in the workforce.

Obviously women can still cheat when they are at home but the cause given for the the rise seemed to make sense. If not workforce, what is the most likely cause for the increase in wives cheating? (
I’m surprised at the number of people that are responding with regards to the morality of the subject and not the question itself.
This isn’t a question of "right or wrong" or a "men vs women" poll.
If you want to post that kind of a comment that is fine, but please have some intelligent thought that is related to the question to go with your personal feelings about infidelity.

The question at hand is only regarding the cause for the rise of infidelity among wives. This isn’t an attack on women/wives for infidelity. If you want to know why men cheat, then post that question.
Maybe men cheat more because they are in the work place and out of the house more. And since women are now more too, maybe that is why the number of wives cheating is up. Maybe. It’s a discussion, not an attack.

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