husband saying no to cheating wife…wife saying no to a cheating husband?

My contacts know my story…but recently my wife who left me and the kids 18 months ago and went on a bipolar sexual spree that involed many partners and alcohol…came to me and said she wanted to try and work it out to see if we can fall in love again. As much as I wanted to…I found the strenghth to kindly say…"no" I am at a point where I just love being a single father to teh kids and I cant ever trust her again. Plus after I said no she went back to her men anyway so I saw through her plan.

Question is….Do you think its more likely for a wife to take back a cheating husband…then it is for a husband to take a cheating wife back? I see a lot of females that take back their cheating spouses over time but when it comes to the guy…they rarely take the cheater back. What are your views on this?
to- he has me now:

i am not bitter al all…I have forgiven her. I only added those details to give you a short history of my story. I do wish ehr the best honestly. I just cant trust again. I LOVED this woman with all my ehart and it crushed me and the kids. I never talk bad about her either in front of the kids…but she bashes me all day in front of them. How about the LOVE she has? Does she even have any? please dont question how much I loved her. If she really loved her family…she would do all she can…and not go back to her dudes when I said no. I think I recall that you actually cheated on your marraige too and are still wiht the guy you cheated with…I guess you cheaters all think the same

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