Do you not know the key to happiness people?

Ok, here is the problem, sure there is no book for advice on life, marriage and divorce..BUT I have an answer to everyones problems here it is COMMUNICATION thats it just one word and if ONLY people can use this GREAT/GRAND advice, there would be very less divorce and cheating and yelling and this is what we as Humans need to do in our marriage to make it work and get the DIVORCE levels DOWN since were told to be a minority now ( HOW SAD IS THAT?) anyway take 1 hr out of the day with your spouse (YOU MUST DO THIS) sit or lay in bed with them ( NEW RULE IN THE HOME) talk about both your days, even if you do not work. Talk about everything , from money, children, sex…just everything start with a Kiss and end with one. The rule between you both is No getting upset..because I will tell you with these things listed above, there is no reason for getting upset. especially with the money issue.. Money is paper… love is real and grand and beautiful things change.
I like what all are saying so far but what your saying all adds up to communication in everything including GOD
I want to tell you something about the Money issue thing..I know money is paper..I lived life hard with my husband heck we even lived in a tent for 6 months once we still are together and its almost 10 years now..we lived on 400 a month now try doing that because if we could you can survive a marriage even with little funds we have done our getting upset and I will tell you taking 1 hr out of your day/night and talking will do a world of good for your marriage. People want to complain about the person how the other won’t talk? it takes time, you don’t give up on the first night, you do it nightly slowly you will see it will work. People so give up to fast and yes I am very honest..people who have bed marriage most likely is because one is hiding something from the other..and IF you talk..the guilt goes away because it has been lifted off you.. People give up to easy which makes the marriage fail
Your right once I wanted out but guess what I communicated like this I sat one day thinking Ok things have to change I was serious about leaving I did it and things are excellent I mean excellent
I really like some of your answers..thanks.

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