How can you not understand why wives/husbands cheat or leave?

I continuously hear the question of why people cheat or leave on their spouses. and think that It is weird? If your emotionally/sexually not there for them then why are you asking what happen to the relationship. If you are working long hours and come home expecting everything to be ok then your wrong, If you go out all the time with your friends and don’t spend time with your spouse and children then your wrong. If you are in the same home with your spouse and have no communication with them except for sex then guess what your wrong. There is no excuse for this to happen. I know how hard it is to hold a job and take care of a family but everyone always has an excuse as to why it happened. So why are people always surprised when their spouse walks out on them.
Well Honey Bee, I also happen to be an Army Wife and Psychologist . I don’t proclaim to judge anyone on here I would like to know why the majority of the people who ask questions about cheating spouses seem to answer the question for themselves so we don’t need the uneducated name calling dear. I see some people who are doing the right things and get cheated on but I am not talking to them. I am talking to the ones who are never home, hanging out with friends and or doing things that cause the other partner to walk out or cheat on them and then ask why.

For you to get defensive it only means that one you were cheated on or your the one withholding from you spouse and their getting ready to leave.

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