What should I do about this crazy situation? Should I leave her with vengeance, or just move on?

I have this problem right..ok, well i met this girl last september 2007 during work. We started dating and it got really serious. We decided to move to her hometown to see where she had grown up. At the begining of the relationship we totaly trust each other and the sparks are fly’n, yady yah..So anyways I forget to change the license plate on my car after I recently bought it and I get pulled over right when we get in the county she lives in. I get arrested spend two weeks in jail and she visits me twice a week(ALL ALLOWED VISITS). She tells me she is trying to trick some guy into thinking he’s getting with her by kisses and hugs so he can pay my bond and I get out of there by saying i’m her best friend..I said "Please don’t!!!" We both had habits but hers was worse because I wasn’t ever addicted -(drugs were involved: marajuana, pills:ups, downs, all arounds, ya know, and drinking). Ok, so I get out of jail and everything’s great and well, the guy she tried to trick punched her ribs, I wanted to find this guy and turn him in or kick his ass or something, little did I know untill later in our relationship that she had sex with him…

So months pass and we forget all about it and the relationship thrives and we decide we want to be with each other for a long time. I propose and we are engaged four months after we met. Six months later I get arrested for a dui and spend 18 days in county. The cops there are on you like you wouldn’t believe but anyways..While i’m in jail still ignorant to the fact of her cheating the seconed time(2nd time EVER arrested), she visits twice a week and writes every 2 to 3 days. When I got visits she always seemed to be F’d up but still in control ‘enough’. But when your in love and assuming by what your spouse says and does to make you believe her, you will overcome little things she does because you trust her. "like take her word".. she says " I’m not F’d up"… I’m like "ok" my mind i’m thinking i’m in here what else is she going to do she misses me. So I get out and she is ALL OVER me and i’m just happy to be free and back with her. Two days later we have a arguement, the first verbal fight we ever had and it was about "trust". Since I got out I quit drugs and started to not trust her more and more because everything she said and did never add up to a story correctely. Now during this fight she goes in the other room for ‘space’ from each other. She calls up a dealer who she’d been F@#King for dope and says "can you pick me up in the alley where you normally do, me and cory just had a big fight." I was on the other phone without her knowing and she came and told me she was going for a walk and she did’t know when she’d be back she just needed space, so I said "no"!!! "We are engaged, you’re my fiancee and i am yours and we are going to work this out. Her friend Sarah came over and said come on Kaila let’s go! She started leaving and I was like, it’s either your friends or me, she said " Maybe i’m not ready for marraige yet" as she handed me back the ring. I was like F@#K!! So I figured it was all over and I decided to leave that night though we had plans to leave in a week together I figured we were done. So I left and she came home the next day and freaked out cause I was gone. I didin’t call her for a week, ‘should’ve been longer’. When I did finally call her she said that was the most hurtful thing anyone had ever done to her. I said no what she did was the most f@#ked up thing to do.

SO……We talk for about three and a half months and make up and I still never knew what she did the first time I was in jail, her best friend told me..So during the time we are not together she hooks up with that dealer for a more serious relationship and he treats her like crap so she comes back to me. I never knew she hooked up with this guy until her friend told me all about it and said "don’t let her fool you" i was like no sh!t.I find out later she moves with the guy because they both end up with warrents for arrest. The guy gets caught and goes to prison and she gets away. I fly her back to wherever I was during all this and she completely changes for me. No more drugs, however we got drunk occaisionally. So we are back together for another 3 months and things start to get serious again. She decidedes she wants to have a clean recored and wants to be able to visit her family so she goes home and turns herself in.

She does 27 days and has to go back and do 20 more in another county and is put on one year probation. She did her 27 and is awaiting her 20. While this is happening she doesn’t have to check in with her P.O.(probation officer), until she does all her time. Which means she could be going back to old habits. She already gets blitz drunk with her best friend and her bf’s boyfriend. She still lies to me about how often she gets ‘drunk’ and all together I think she will never change.

I want to leave her but if you haven’t noticed I put a lot of time into this relati

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