Should I inform my coworker's wife that hubby cheating on her?

I know that you’ll say ‘MIND MY OWN BUSINESS!’. Well…I just can’t stand to witness the cheating. I work with this guy for almost 10 yrs, and I know his wife and he has been a good husband and father to the family as far as I know – The cheating started to happen when this girl has started flirting with him. And she does not care if he is married! So before it gets worst, I’m thinking of giving a hint or alert (using anonymous) the wife about this evil activity between the girl and her hubby (my coworker). Maybe I should mind my own business.. but I am not a FAN of CHEATING spouses! I am totally against cheaters. I just pity the wife and the kids, I know his wife and she is a nice woman. Well, I just wish the girl gets her karma ,and pray the guy stops this devilish activity. Sorry, I just can’t be a witness forever.. I think. What would you do if you were in my shoe? Pls answer – married GIRLS only pls because I know MEN will not care….
I apologize if i offended the male specie…i should have said most MEN will not care.. Sorry 😉

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