Will my wife's new rebound relationship last?

Here is the deal my wife 2.5 months ago reconnected with this guy she knew in high school from sophomore year on facebook. Since reconnecting with him she has moved in with him only about a month since talking with him. She as told some of her friends that they are boyfriend girlfriend status, but not her own family??? Will her relationship last with him since all the traits that she sees in him are a direct reflection of the traits I have or have had. I think she is regressing to things in our relationship and trying to find the exact same experiences again. The guy resembles me in looks (hair cut, height, wearing hats), hobbies (camping, exercising,etc), the exact same model of truck as mine only different color, same year even. Hey mows lawns just like I did when her and I dated in high school. With all the similarities I think she is going to be hurting her self more than helping herself. This is why, she is looking for someone to comfort her that resembles myself, he is influencing her to get a divorce probably due to his own selfish wants, once the divorce goes through I think his whole attitude will change to the point that he doesn’t need to work as hard to be lovey dovey to make the divorce happen, then she will realize what a bad mistake she has made, not to mention that her attraction to me is still great physical and emotional. We also have a son together and she will get custody of him next school year and I don’t think that guy will want to take care of someone Else’s kid when he has two of his own with his ex wife that cheated on him and left him in the exact same way. He calls himself a christian and brings up a example supposedly to make me feel better and more accepting of my wife leaving me. The example was that He thought of me when he was watching a sermon on TV stating that God puts people in other peoples path ways for a certain reason. Well what better place for the devil to deceive a person than behind the pulpit. I told her that was the worst excuse I have ever heard, because in the bible it states that a man shall not covet thy person’s wife. Which one of those seems more credible to you?

Who out there thinks their relationship will last or not and for how long?
Do you think she will be sorry and regret what she is doing to our son, family, herself, and myself?
Do you think after it all falls apart on her she will come crawling back?
If she does come back and I have not moved on, would trying over a long period of time through counseling and hard hard hard hard work on her part and maybe some on mine be able to start a new relationship?

Help me out, what opinions do the good people on the web have for me?

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