Should I tell my sister-in-law that her husband is cheating on her?

My brother-in-law is cheating on his wife. He decided to leave her and the 2 kids (one has health issues) 2 weeks before Xmas after his 2nd DUI. He did not tell "Stella" about his affair, but he has told details about it to his mother and 2 sisters. I want to make sure this loser pays all he deserves at the divorce. Sould I tell "Stella"? I know that if asked, his mother and 2 sisters would not lie about what they know, but they do not want to offer the info upfront. They are afraid of making a bad situation worse. I think it needs to be worse. Are there are significant financial differences during divorce between cheating and non-cheating spouses? Am I getting in the middle of something I should not. I just don’t want to see "Stella" get the short stick.

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