Cheating and abusive.?

These are the only two reasons for wanting a divorce. And if not to bad, a cheating spouse could be forgiven. Why is it that alot of the questions asked here are spouse that dont know how to get along? Every question I read is about how my husband this or my wife that. People, when you get married, if you are really commited in the first place, means that you give up most of your single life habbits. You cant have both and be happy. if you really want to be happy then say no to your friends when they want to go clubbin at night while the other spouse stays at home. Look, marriage takes alot of work. Its never easy. There are moments of greatness, but also struggles. Man up and stay the course. You arent the only one along for the ride.
Great answers so far. I hope that when this question is done that people can take something away from it. There is a lot of good advice so far. One I would like to add is communication. It took me about three years to learn this one, but wow does it work wonders. For guys especially. Women just want us to listen, even if it is for just a brief moment. I just read on here so many people who want to give up for lame reasons. Talk it out and find out what the real issue is. You might just get a little closer to your spouse. And ladies, guys like to hold things in a little while. So if you dont get an answer right away, thats cause hes not ready to talk. Its a macho thing. we dont want to look weak in front of our ladies.

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