I want to know from arried women only, if you have ever gotta an STD from your spouse and they denied cheating

I experienced something so horrific a few weeks ago. I have endometriosis and I found out that I had contracted an STD from my husband. I was treated and that was that. When I first told him about the results, he was all calm cool and collective, I mean wasn’t mad or anything. I was expecting the worse and when it didn’t happen, I was like he must have done something when and after I was prego last year. I got a karma reading and I was told that he was cheatinfg. He is the only one i the house that has a Video memebership and acces to the family car all day. Usually on my days off, he is late coming home and I have the kids. So the true question is ladies, would you think as well that your spouse was cheating on you if this incident came up?
Also wanted to point out that I get tested every time I have a pap before marriage and during. He on the other hand has never been tested and that scares me to no end. As for growing up, I am very much grown up, I wish that he would do the same. You would think for his age he would have done so already.
One more thing might I add I have never cheated on him.
As I get answers I am adding more details. He went to our primary dr and he said that its like an infection and you don’t get that off a toilet seat it is sexually transmitted and it was chalmaydia. Aslo the dr did not test him he just gave him the antibiotic that made me quite suspious at the fact that he didn’t tell him what he really went there for. The dr goes well if she has it so do you. But where oh where would I have gotten it from. Its sexually transmitted.

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