Why is it that when someone asks a question..?

About their spouse, a BUNCH of people automatically assume he or she is getting cheated on?

It baffles me, really. I mean there are some questions where it is obviously that cheating has occurred, but others I wonder why people always jump to the conclusion? I know sometimes people who have been cheated on will jump to that conclusion, but what are some other reasons?

For example, Marcus asked a question earlier about how you would feel if your spouse came home after drinking and jumped in bed to try to get some nooky, and a whole bunch of people said he was getting cheated on. That was the ENTIRE question — nothing about her being suspicious, etc.

I’ve been told that because my husband gets irrationally angry he’s cheating (when it actuality he has a mental illness.)

There are COUNTLESS examples, this is just the most recent.


Thanks. 😀

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