I told my buddy about his wife cheating now I am the bad guy?

I busted that Ogar cheating and I had email proof so I sent it over to my buddy and his wife turned him against me saying I made it all up. Does it pay to tell the truth? She is trying to press harassment charges on me for telling her husband the truth. ahahahah Meanwhile they have thier kids locked up with the lock on the outside of the door and have AK 47s illegal in the other room. Meanwhile the mother is smoking pot and having phone sex. Being a good freind whats the best thing to do.
Yeah I am done thats for sure!! I did my part! I really just think that I will no longer be able to talk to him. Thats it. He pretty much backstabbed me by throwing back in my face. You have to undertsand though this lady weighs 500lbs, she lost thier house, cheats , lies and is a terrible mother

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