Why are marriage vows not respected anymore?

How do you cope with a partner who has multiple affairs?Especially if you have been faithful the entire marriage and never strayed. It seems like more often than not the other parties involved (mistress/manstress whatever)– always know that the person is married or married with kids, but they don’t care and drop the pants anyway! How could any human being do this to another? Why don’t they just be honest? It takes WORK to cheat yet,they will plan and plot to destroy your family behind your back together with YOUR spouse the one person you should be able to trust more than anyone else.When children are involved it’s also more difficult and when you try to get past it and work on the marriage your spouse is always a constant reminder of what was done or cheats on you again just when you start to try and heal. How do you cope with such betrayal? Also why are people so willing to sleep with married people? Ok .. forget respecting a marriage for a second what happened to SELF- RESPECT?!

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