I think my husband is cheating on me?

He goes out so much. He says that he’s going to work, but I am pretty sure he is lying because he comes home exhausted and such. I also did his laundry one day and I noticed he had a pair of pink panties that weren’t mine (they were far too big). I one day found red (well like orange red) lipstick ALL OVER his dress shirt.
I’m positive he’s not a transvestite so that’s okay, we only did that once in the bedroom and it was weird. And he said when I found this stuff, by the way, that they aren’t his, and he is sure of that.
I also know that these panties don’t belong to my girlfriends, and this dress shirt is my husband and not one of my boyfriends’.
What do I do?
Yes, Bella, I am wasting time. Please, enlighten me since you’re all knowing. How am I wasting time?

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