This is hard to ask, but I have a question for husbands/wives that have been cheated on?

How often is your "intuition" right about your spouse’s infidelity? I have some pretty strong suspicions that my husband’s being unfaithful to me. I don’t want to say anything because, #1- if he knows I suspect something, he’ll start being sneakier #2- in case I’m wrong, I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth. What should I do? I want solid facts if he is cheating. Reconciliation is not an option if he’s being unfaithful.
What were the signs that let you know for sure your spouse was messing around?
He cheated on me when we were dating. In a way, I regret giving him another chance. All the signs were there the first time, but I was too blind to see them. Now, I’m starting to see some of the same signs (having a lot of things to do after work, being paranoid about me seeing his cell phone, etc.) I cannot bring myself to give him another chance.
Forgot to mention- he started complaining about me calling him "too much when he’s at work". Now, there are many times I call and can’t get him on his phone. Or, I’ll call him on his cell and he’ll be away from work. His explanation "I had to go run an errand for my boss"

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