Do you think bad sex is a reason to end a marriage?

I was on a Christian forum recently and it was being discussed how important sex is in a Christian relationship and one person voiced the opinion that sexual incompatibility is a valid reason for divorce. Obviously many people, including myself disagreed. But it begs the question, what are your opinions on the sanctity of marriage? Do you think that you should marry someone with the thought that you might fall out of love with someone and divorce for that reason? Some folks feel that you can’t know what you will feel years down the road and their vows only count if they still feel passion for their partner. Others are so vehement about their marriage vows that they feel it’s wrong to leave even if their partner is abusive, cheating repeatedly with no intention to stop, a criminal, etc. I’m somewhere in between.

I personally think that marriage is forever. That’s the vow I made to my husband and I vowed to stand by him no matter what. If you don’t have that in your heart you shouldn’t get married. The only valid reason to get divorced is if your marriage isn’t working and your spouse refuses to work with you to put it back together. I think that’s akin to being abandoned. I don’t put these conditions on others, but these are simply the ideals that I have set forth in my own life.

Anway, what is your take on the situation? How do you view marriage and divorce?
alluring atheist: even if they were your soulmate? You would say, yea, I love you, but you suck in bed?
A couple of people phrased their answer like they’re giving me advice for my own marriage. It’s just a hypothetical question, it’s not about me 🙂
Everard J: that’s true. Marriages in real life go through many trials and tribulations. That’s a given. But what you think about the reasons for divorce? Do you think it’s okay to divorce someone because you just don’t love them anymore? What if they just stopped having sex with you because they weren’t attracted to you anymore or because they just weren’t interested in sex? Your answer only partly answered how you felt about this.
starstuff58: yea it was kind of vague. It is the rare couple that waits for marriage to have sex, but there are lots of couples where one partner wants lots of sex and the other one wants very little or none. Or one partner wants oral or anal and the other wants nothing to do with it. There are lots of reasons why people have issues in the bedroom.
poor widow: That’s true, the genitals do fit together for the most part, but there are lots of women whose partners have no clue how to please them and they have no interest in sex because it really isn’t pleasurable for them. Plus the difference in amount and type like I mentioned.
Mariel: I have no problem believing that. Marriage should be about love and commitment. And many marriages are. I agree with your statement that it’s a disposable society. There are many people with that attitude. Although it’s not really fair to compare marriage today to marriage 100 years ago because marriage has evolved greatly. People are getting to know each other far better than they used to and valuing love over tradition, convenience, and other factors like reputation, which was not uncommon. Unfortunately, some people think that marriage is all about them and how they feel and if they aren’t perfectly satisfied they should leave without regard to how it affects their spouse.

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