Cheating???? How do you get your lover to admit to it?

Okay people….all the evidence is there…the lies, the extra time after work or school, the unexplained phone calls, the reluctance to give back affection….the fact you no longer make love together…and the notes you were not suppose to see.

Soooooo you want to at least hear it from their own mouth…you are in counciling, and all you want is to make them break down and admit to an affair….then, maybe, just maybe, you can forgive them and move on, apart or together.

What questions do you ask? Do you tell them you have proof(even though you don’t really) tell them you had them followed?(even though U didn’t) or tell them you saw them together?(even though that’s not true)

Have you ever been able to get your cheating spouse or lover to admit his/her wrongdoing?

Thanks for any replys!!!!!
Wow…! Thanks ladies!! But, as some caught on, it is my WIFE that I suspect. And you know who thinks she is cheating the most?? Our Pastor, of all people. As for the rotten therapist????? I’m trying to get him off my insurance, my wife refuses to let me talk to him (about her trying to pick up men on my space), and she will not listen to me on the fact that her meds are bucked up!! (she’s done this sort of thing before)

So I will leave it at that. Read my bio to get more info on the situation. I have talked to a lawyer….given the word, we are history!!!! Just another statistic!!

Thanks again for the answers!!!

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