(Men Only Please) WOMEN, please DON'T answer this question, I don't want us trying to think like men?

Again women, no answers saying "I know I am not a man, but this is what I think, felt, heard, know, experienced or asked a guy I know. I don’t mean this in a negative way I would just like men to answer.


Hi Guys,

This is not a male bashing question, but I think it is what most women wonder and I am open minded so I will not judge. Unlike a lot of women, I really do understand it when a man says sex is just sex, and please know that I am in no way saying this is all men because that’s not fair. The rapper T.I. has a verse in one of his songs that says "I will fill your space, and forget your face, I swear I will so I am aware of how some men think.


Why do men who have so much to lose cheat? I understand him feeling like he will never get caught, I understand not being able to resist temptation, I understand not feeling appreciated, I understand things changing with the wife or girlfriend, whatever those things may be, but when there is so much at stake, why? The mentioned above are just the reasons I have heard over years, but I don’t know if they are the main reasons.

I have never been cheated on "TO MY KNOWLEDGE", it’s not something I have had to deal with personally, but a man should not have to cheat in order to know how much he loves his woman. But is a quick nut or stripper type sex, a supermodel body (even though that’s not what most men cheat with) really worth the mentioned below.

-Marriage or Relationship
-A broken home that produces broken children (if you have any)
-Pain to EVERYONE involved
-Being someone else’s God. (If you bring a disease home like HIV then you have decided her fate, not God) Applies if you have a religion
-Respected Jobs and or positions
-The grass is not greener on the other side syndrome
-Regret and Shame
-In some cases public humiliation
-Ranks, along with other things I left out

Sometime men cheat, and even though their spouse or girlfriend was hurt, it actually "eventually" worked out in everyone’s favor this is why this is not a negative question it’s just an informal one; why isn’t there more self control if or when there is much more to lose if you get caught?

Women, I understand men who don’t have much to lose cheat to, but I am not asking why do men cheat, I am asking why do "established men" cheat.

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