Do you think marriage is forever or until the love runs out?

Do you think that you should marry someone with the thought that you might fall out of love with someone and divorce for that reason? Some folks feel that you can’t know what you will feel years down the road and their vows only count if they still feel passion for their partner. Others are so vehement about their marriage vows that they feel it’s wrong to leave even if their partner is abusive, cheating repeatedly with no intention to stop, a criminal, etc. I’m somewhere in between.

I personally think that marriage is forever. That’s the vow I made to my husband and I vowed to stand by him no matter what. If you don’t have that in your heart you shouldn’t get married. The only valid reason to get divorced is if your marriage isn’t working and your spouse refuses to work with you to put it back together. I think that’s akin to being abandoned. I don’t put these conditions on others, but these are simply the ideals that I have set forth in my own life.

Anway, what is your take on the situation? How do you view marriage and divorce?
Well, you got some points out of it I suppose :-/
happiness: that’s a little disturbing that when a man cheats his wife has the right to divorce him, but when a woman cheats she is executed. It seems a little unbalanced if you ask me 🙂

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