Question about moving on after a divorce is….?

If you have tried everything to get back in the good graces of your spouse and she is moving on and has no intention of turning back and has no feeling left in her to show towards you, how does one move on after that? The divorce isnt final but it IS GOING to happen, is it okay to begin to try and find someone that might show love to me, or should i sit and just be lonely???i have no friends or family…so that is out of the question to turn to them…i guess i just really dont know what to do i love my wife but she doesnt love me and i dont want to be alone anymore. Is it wrong to move on as if it didnt happen..i personally DO NOT believe in divorce and I DO NOT BELIEVE in cheating but if the other person is it still concidered cheating? I made mistakes never hit her or raped or any of that sort of thing but we did fight alot and called her names etc. I do have a big heart and i hate the fact that she left but if i am to move on i feel i need to actually move on.

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