Cheating A&^ Wife?

cheating *** wife?

So here is the situation. My so called wife cheated on me after about a year and half of marriage. I guess she stayed with me cuz i was sponsoring her and her mother.I was very trusting as I was always at work and trying to build for our future. I dont think she received her green card yet so. What can i do to relieve myself of this problem.
Here is the kicker I gave her 100k to open up her own business and found after a year that she was cheating on me with a 20yr old guy when she was 27. The thing that sucks the most is that Ive had many chances to cheat but Ive never once strayed out of respect for our familes. As I couldnt live with the guilt. I guess there is a sucker born every moment
Also Im not even mad that she cheated as I know you cant force someone to love you. Im only mad at the way she let me find out. Ive always told her that if there ever comes in a point in time that she wanted to be with someone else I would not stand in her way to be with who she wants to be with. I would’ve of gladly still done my best to help her in any situation if she was honest. As I feel that even if someone doesnt love you u shouldnt stop caring. Ive only asked from one thing in this relationship RESPECT. Ive tried to live most of my life trying not to be selfish and believing there is good in people. I guess it makes you rethink how low people will go.

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