Arx fatalis cheats and codes

Hi all you Arx fans out there! I finally colleted some codes and cheats in Arx Fatalis, and I am sharing my knowledge with you. First of all, this video does not contain all the codes( because the ones I did not include suck ) and all the spells and stuff are collected in a document: RPGDot’s official Arx guide( to download it directly use this link: ). So you’ll find completely everithing about Arx in this document. Ok, now about the video… The 3 parts of the video: 1) A nice bug with chickens 2) Magic codes, cheats drawn by spells 3) The only cheat in Arx( the bone and the chair stuff) So first of all, try it on any chickens, keep double clicking on them, until they explode into a roast chicken.:) ( useful for the people who doesn’t want to spoil a fireball at a chicken ) Secondly here are the spells as shown: MAX – Maxes out our character, gives a boost to our skills, plus we gain all the runes. SOS – Reveals the entire map – all levels. POM – Gives us a powerful sword – could recieve it from lord Inut SAM – Gives us a deadly bow – this would be the other weapon from lord Inut( the code for it is not SAM SAM, it’s only SAM, first time the code was not written perfectly, so I had to draw it again ) Stair Icon * 3 – passwall code, draw this to activate/disable passwall SDSD – Super deformed, every character has big head( can be turned off ) RAF – ‘Raf mode’, boost up speed permanately!( cannot be turned off ) PLPL – A little graphic effect, messes up the

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