Curious about what other people would do?

If your spouse came home about 4 hours late from work every night and left on weekends and as far as you know he/she isnt cheating(due to lack of proof), how long would it take you to move out, invite "company", or whatever else constitutes a reaction to this behavior. My spouse says this is normal for men but hanging out 4 or 5 times a week is excessive. What would you do
I told him since women aren’t invited I should go out on my own. He said only whores do that. i used to entertain myself by inviting my friends but he said they would corrupt me and get me to go out and be a slut. i think its because he knows I may get lonely and eventually seek out attention. If he thinks this then why leave me home alone? Im not going to lie and say i havent thought of just talking to other people but Im married. So my 2nd question is how long would you give your spouse a chance to change?

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