Do you have close friendships with the opposite sex?

Without getting into to much detail on my part I would just like to ask if you or your spouse have close friendships with members of the opposite sex? If yes, does the conversation ever go to where it would when talking, say, to a close friend of the same sex? I feel open to talk with my closest girlfriend about personal things such as an occasional reference to sex or frank discussion about personal things such as my period but would this subject matter be different between a male and female close friendship? What types of things and how personal do you allow the conversation to become when you are talking with a close friend of the opposite sex? Is discussion from her to personal if it includes talk of her period, her sex life with her husband, her sexual feats, her bedtime clothing preferences? Assuming there is no cheating on their ends…what is acceptable and what is too much for close personal friends of the opposite sex? Your answers are appreciated more than you know…
This is a friendship between a man married 14 years and a married female.

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