Anniversary party with affirmation of vows ceremony — is it tacky and did it bring the couple closer?

My husband and I have been married a little over 6 years now. We wanted to "renew our vows" on our 10 year anniversary. Not some big bash to be confused with a wedding do over. Looking more along the lines of a simple but classy anniversary party. There seems to be low opinions of couples who renew their vows for any reason besides recommitting after some rough patches.

When my husband and I got married my family was anything but supportive and most of them were unable to attend. I didn’t want a lavish wedding — simple was fine, but the entire day was overshadowed by the negativity and skepticism of family and friends who didn’t think we would make it past a year. The vows we said were so special to us despite circumstances, but no one there really cared about that. They didn’t think it wasn’t anything real or lasting particularly because it wasn’t some ,000 wedding. I know 6 years isn’t a long time and no we haven’t had any rough patches like cheating. We have a solid marriage with great communication and a happiness that is envied by many who know us. Family problems and disagreements that caused so much hurt and depression during my wedding are now past and put to rest.

We are looking forward to many years to come. We love the life and family we are making together. We want to renew our vows. Partly to help ease the memory of an emotionally awful day with a day full of supportive family and friends that actually see and understand that the vows we are proclaiming are truly felt and are being upheld. I’m not looking for gifts — or an excuse to throw some fantasy wedding that I missed out on — my family likes to party, so we will have one but NOT a mock wedding party. And we don’t need gifts — we have everything we need. We just want to have a get together of people who finally see how important the vows are to us. People, we know, care about us, but at the time couldn’t see things as clearly as we did. I think the "renewal ceremony" won’t be just a romantic occasion for us as a couple, but also a happier time for family members filled with regret about their actions on our "special" day (I have spoken to these family members and they have told me of their regret).

So I ask, the many jaded answerer’s on here, if they think a simple, casual, but classy anniversary party that features a small time slot with us proclaiming our continued love and commitment would be "tacky" on our ten year anniversary?

I’d also like to hear from any married individuals who attended or had a marriage "renewal." Thoughts about the process, how you did it, and if it brought you and your spouse even closer?
We thought 5 years was too short into it. It sounded more reasonable to do it on what are typically considered mile stone anniversaries like 10, 25, and 50. If your suggesting there is an ulterior motive — there is none beyond what I’ve stated.
And I’m not saying we haven’t had any problems. We have had to learn things about marriage. But we haven’t had any MAJOR problems requiring separation or divorce — like abuse, adultery, or addiction.

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