**Should I Cheat on My Girlfriend**?

This monday i might cheat on my girlfriend with my ex.I just turned 18 and both my ex and girlfriend are 18 as well. My ex knows I have a girlfriend but shes ok with being friends with benefits shes the one who even wanted to be friends with benefits. My ex really turns me on and sends me pictures of her boobs and body like 3x a week. I really like my GF ive never felt as strong as i do for her as ive ever felt for any of the past girls in my life but shes a virgin and shes alittle bit of a prude. When im with my GF i sometimes think of my ex and say to myself that i dont want to hurt my GF and i would never cheat on her. But then when im not with her I think of my ex and i get really turned on. So do you think I should have sex with my ex? I dont want to break up with my GF but I think that maybe it would be a good thing to have sex with my ex cus then i wont ever get agitated from my GF being so resistant and can just take things more calm and slower IDK what do you think?

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