Why does my husband seem to not want sex when I am in the mood? I'm always there when he is in the mood.?

Evan always has an excuse (reasonable ones) when I am in the mood to make love and try to initiate it. I always make love to him when he is in the mood, because I know how important it is to satisfy your spouse’s needs to stay connected. I do so even if I am tired or not really in the mood. It took me a lot of work on my self esteem even to be able to ask for anything i want.Every time I am turned down it makes me feel dirty and ashamed inside and hurts my self esteem.. Wanting to make love to my husband shouldn’t feel like this. We are close in every other way and I know he loves me and wouldn’t even consider cheating or anything like that. It is like he doesn’t even consider how this could hurt me. I am worried if it is like this during our honeymoon phase (we have only been married around 3 months) it will only get worse. He only wants to make love around once a week. Please help me figure out what to do.

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