spouse cheating with facebook!!!?

Do you consider it cheating if your spouse flirts and then adds them as friends from face book and or face book apps? my boyfriend of 1 year is doing this , the first time i caught him doing this he as up at 4 am talking dirty to a woman he met on farkel , he even added her as a friend on his page . the conversation was very intimate talking about sexual positions they wanted to try on each other . the whole nine yards. i asked him to stop and told him i considered it cheating as it felt just as bad as a physical affair. recently i had the suspicion he was up to the same old tricks again and i installed spy ware on our computer to track everything he does online, i discovered that he flirts quite regularly with women on yo-ville and poker. nothing as graphic as the conversation i caught him previously just smart sexual comments . am i over reacting about this? should i say something ? please help me ! also has anyone gone through this before??
i started mirena and was bleeding for 3 weeks so our sex life in that period in time (ha ha) was non existent. but i am extremely open sexually , as i have always been the one to get him to try new things… i know it seems like i could answer my own question but it’s the flirting that bothers me, is that normal? i have never been with anyone like this before

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