Difficutly with my marriage?

My husband and I have been married for 6 years now. We have a son and daughter together. But lately I have been feeling so distant from him. Like we have no connection. He is deployed right now, but I still feel like I don’t love him anymore. I talk to him everyday so I feel like I dont’ miss him at all. Everytime I talk to him on messenger or on the phone I just feel weird. I don’t know why or what, I just feel horrible. He has lied to me in the past about a few stuff, nothing big like cheating, but on other topics. I would never dream of leaving my husband while he is fighting for our country, but I am so tired of fighting and dealing with the same stuff. We fight weekly and then we are in a good mood with one another for a couple of days before we are fighting again. Then we fight about the same stuff over and over again. I’m just tired of fighting and don’t know if I love him anymore. How do you know if you love your spouse? How do you know when it is time to leave them?
I know he is stressed, that is why I am not bringing anythign up to him. I want him home so I can talk to him about all of this. I just don’t know if it is just me or what!! That is why we try not to talk everyday b/c we both don’t want to make each other mad. I just don’t know if I love him anymore.. he says he loves me and that me and the kids are his world, but I don’t know if I feel this way anymore.

I’ve never heard of the book… I do have other books on this type of situation though, but nothing goes in to the way i feel.
Thanks guys, I do feel disconnected from him. And I am a stay at home mom that just takes care of the kids all day. It is rough waking up doing the same thing over and over again, while he is over there telling me about him going out with friends, him doing this with friends, him doing that with friends. Just makes me feel even more lonelier b/c I don’t have that many friends and it just makes life more difficult for me. I have told him that I feel weird and disconnected from him, I just don’t want him worrying about our marriage when he has an important job to do there.
lol some of you guys are just out there. You are assuming I am spending his money, being mean, and just starting the fights. When in reality our big fight we just had is b/c he is on myspace over there and telling friends about some of the HOT girls he is with. Our fights are not about money b/c I am here saving for us to go on vacation and paying off our bills so when he comes home we can buy a house together. We fight over little stuff… not the big stuff that can break our relationship. I just feel out of the loop, probably b/c he is not here physically with me. I know i need to work on my emotions and need to have a heart to heart with him when he comes back. Which I am looking forward too, it is just sometimes I can’t see an "us" in our future.
Ok sorry… ONE.. I am not talking to him about divorce.. I want to work on my marriage and I came on here to see if anyone else has experienced this with their spouses! I would never give up on my marriage this fast. I know I need him to come home first and see how I feel about him and be able to talk to him in person. I know we fight over the same stuff… but we never bring up the past fights. We always concentrate on the future and not on the past, b/c we know the past is the past, there is nothing you can do about the past, except fix the future from past mistakes. I am just saying I feel disconnected and lonely. I know he loves our children and will do anything for him. I know he might not come home to me and he could be killed (knock on wood) I don’t care about money, money is not an issue since I have an inheritance I get monthly, so I don’t need his money. It is our money.. so I am not a gold digger… I just want opinions of others who felt the same way as I DO!!! thank you

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