Ok my gf said that i am not going to lose her.What do you think is my gf still with her ex bf.She had the guys baby today and is in the hospital with the guy now..The guys facebook status right now says Just here help my baby mommy out with her pain.

The guy went back to Jamaica to get married to this other girl..The guy posted photos of her on his facebook account at st.George station where is near where she lives.Should i ask her if she is back together with him.

She said no i am not back with him but he is the father of the baby and has to be in the picture.He threated me when i told him to back off my gf.My gf said she loves me..She said that we are good and that i am not going to lose her.

What do you think on this.Do you think that they are back together.Also her ex foster mm told me not to ask my gf about this because she said to have trust in her.me and my gf are both 15 and 1 year and 3 months dating and the guy is 24 years old.The last two times i said i love you to her she just said yea to me what does that mean.do you think that she loves me.Last week i said i love you to her and she said i love you to.What do you think is my gf still with her ex bf?Also the baby was born on sunday at 12:05 am.The baby’s name is Amoy.It also says on facebook that me and her are in a relationship.

Also her best friend told this girl that i know that is at my old school that my gf is with her baby daddy my gfs best friend said, hes over there everyday and they kiss too.
and she calls u and ask u for money for her ex bf.Should i believe that girl who told me about this.My gf just told me before that she loves me.Also on facebook she put photos of her and her friends and the baby’s daddy and the title says the baby and everyone i love i asked her why is he in there and i asked her if i should worry about it and she said no also i wasn’t there when they took the pictures should i worry or should i trust my gf.?Yes she did cheat on me with her ex bf but we are together now.Her ex bf is stressed out right now he said on his facebook and on saturday when i saw my gf on the subway going to meet her me at the end when i was leaving me and her were hugging.Um the ex bf got divorced to his ex wife in jamicia he is back in toronto now for the baby

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