Men/Women if you cheated?

and REALLY regretted it and truley DO love your spouse…WHY? Why did you do it. Did you even think about the pain it could cause? And if your spouse was able to forgive you…have you forgiven yourself? How does it make you feel when you look at your spouse ad think about how you have made them feel? How hard is it to live with knowing what you have done? Was it worth it? Would you do it again? SERIOUS answers from people who have been there..PLEASE. I just want to know what your thoughts and feelings are. We always here from the betrayed about how they feel…here is your chance to let us know how you feel. Thanks!
For the record, I am not the cheater, I am the betrayed, I am just trying to see how he might feel even though I have forgiven him and am really trying to move on. I do not want to keep bringing it up to him, but would like to know how he may feel.

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