Women aren't you tired at all by this "have sex with me or i will cheat" concept with your husband?

Let me first make myself clear, i do realize women want sex as well, and they too have drifted or cheated because they are not getting enough from spouse. However i am targeting men, mostly because they are the ones who use this excuse a lot more. With that being said, i think this idea that women need to sexually satisfiy their man, the way he wants, whenever he wants, just so he wont cheat is basically ridiculous. I too had that mentality with my current bf. I was too afraid that if i stopped delivering, he would stray. Why? becasue society and many men have told us this. When women on here ask questions such as " how can i make sure my husband doesnt cheat?" men answer with " always give it up". Even if its not their only answer, its included. I understand sex is a huge component in a relationship, but sex shouldnt make or break a relationship…EVER!! I decided that if i have to keep a man by constnatly having sex with him then id rather not keep him at all, becasue what that tells me is that im just with him to please him, and that if i choose not to do so, he will just replace me. Men you need to stop treating sex like you have no self control. I think a lot of men have used this tactic to scare us women. Becasue honestly if we were to switch our sex views, and women were to view sex as just anything, and men were to view it as intimacy and emotional connection, and then us women were to tell them this same crap, you know they would b*tch and moan because they dont like it. Is any other women tired of this concept? DOnt you hate having to worry when your sex life has gone down, or when he wants sex, but your tired, but yet you feel like if you dont give in, he might cheat? This isnt even a relationship anymore, its a "im here to please you" situation. I think the more women let men knwo that they wont be played that way, the less men will use it as a threat. And besides ladies, if he;s that kind of guy, then were better off, becasue we deserve better. Were more than just a body for sex, yet we allow ourselves to be this way too often. So how do others feel about this?? Men, you can give your input too.
ive never been married, i only have a bf, and i already made this clear to him. and i havent had bad experiences either, i just read all these posts about men wanting it and women trying thier best to "keep their man" through sex.

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