My wife cheated on me once and still is, how do I leave her when she may be pregnant with my baby?

I am a civil engineer, which causes me to travel quite a bit. My wife and I have been married for 2 years and I have tried to make her completely happy. My absence has caused a strain on our marriage. When I was away, she cheated on me with her co-worker. I found out when my NEIGHBOUR told me he saw another man kiss my wife through our window. I confronted my wife and she started crying hysterically.. She said I haven’t been paying attention to her and she was feeling lonely. She psychologically made me feel like the jerk and because of that, I forgave her and we moved on.. We were trying to conceive and she is now 7 months pregnant. I would like to think my wife is past adultery and is being completely honest with me. I saw her at the mall today holding hands with another man. I was just making a quick stop to buy a video camera. I was just completely torn and it hurt a lot. I am starting to think the child is not mine either. I didn’t come home tonight and I am staying at a friend’s. I have had enough. I know I travel a lot, but that is not a reason to have an affair behind your spouse’s back.

I am planning to leave her. Actually, I am planning to make HER leave. She lives in my house which was paid with my money. If the child is mine, I am going to fight for full custody. I feel like when I see her, I am going to fall for her lies again. I’m not naive, I just love my wife. She wasn’t like this before we got married.. I don’t think I am doing anything wrong. If I ever make her upset, I try to make it up to her and I give her the things she wants. Plus, she is pregnant with a baby I would like to think is mine. What do I do?

I always thought we would have a beautiful family but I don’t even know what’s going on right now. Please, help….

I work extremely hard for her and our future together and this is what happens..

I am positive it was her too.

It’s so sad how people change. I never thought this would happen to me. In the beginning of our marriage, I was so convinced I chose the right woman. I don’t believe in divorce, but I don’t believe in listening to her lies for the rest of my life.

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