Runescape Cheats

Again, here is the warning: There are NO REAL Cheats in Runescape. All scenes in this video have been edited and the video was made for entertainment purposes only. If there is a bug with can be exploited for cheating, that is against the rules and abusing it can get you banned. So considering that, have fun with the video! It was quite a lot of effort 😉 —- Yes, the day has come. Real Runescape cheats have been discovered, and here, some of them are revealed! Finally, you can find out how people are even able to get 2376 total. Normally, that would only be possible using bots – But the real answer is, Runescape Cheats! Start the game as a maxed out player, get a fire cape without even having to worry about prayer switching, dupe your items and much more! The video for all Runescape players with ambitions! Without knowing these, you might never succeed, so watch carefully. Cheat ideas from: Invincibility – Any NES Game, Contra for example Missingno – Pokemon Red / Blue Explosion – Gta San Andreas Treasure Island – Super Mario Bros. 3 Enter Name – Games with enter password cheats, Metroid 1 for example Minus World – Super Mario Bros 1 in case you haven’t guessed Walk through walls – Doom II in this case Duplicate – Pokemon Red / Blue I know most cheats arent exactly the same as in those games, but a little variation never hurts 😉 Music used: Runescape Music (Flute Salad, In the Pits, Newbie Melody, Fanfare, Attack 5) Pokemon Music (Red/Blue, Ruby/Saphire, Collosseum

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