What about the deep hypocrisy coming out of the democrat party.?

Here’s the story from USA News: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-06-26-conyers-bribes_N.htm?csp=34

It’s ironic that I found this in some obscure corner of the internet on USA News, and I only found it because Sean Hannity mentioned it on his radio show, and I put in a search.

It’s so hidden, I even had to use the term "bribe" and "wife" in the search to find a couple of stories about it. Normally you can just look up the first or last name of the republican official charged with something and the stories will pop up.

It’s ironic that this man is in the House Judiciary Commitee, and his wife is accepting bribes.

The republican senator resigned in disgrace for merely cheating on his wife.

Bill Clinton, a liberal democrat, said that cheating on your wife is a personal affair and that the public should not concern themselves with it.

How much any of you want to bet that this man’s wife will barely get a slap on the wrist if not acquitted entirely?

How much any of you want to bet that this chairman John Conyers on the House Judiciary Commitee won’t even get accused of anything. Though where there is one mouse there is another, and where one feels that bribes are acceptable, you can bet, so does their spouse.

You people out there, the news reported hard about these two republican officials who cheated on their wives, and while that’s good to know where someone may not understand where they should stand on issues concerning marriage and the sanctity shared by couples made one,

I think that knowing about a public official taking bribes is far more important because they are showing a willingness to usurp the very foundation for the reason that we are a democratic republic.

If you really pay attention, you will see that democrats and republicans get in trouble for this and that, but democrats do the worse things the most often, and are implicated in the support of fraudulent schemes or in support of organizations that are implicated in fraudulent schemes far more than republicans ever are.

People say that the news likes to report the worse stuff, well that’s not it.

Actually, the news likes to report the worse stuff about the people they don’t want in office.

And they actually like to report the best to the least worst stuff about the people they want in office. Some news will disregard reporting entirely on anything bad concerning the people they want in office.

And the news, almost all of it, except for a few places here and there hail the democrats, and they don’t say anything bad at all.

The only thing even close to bad is what they say about overseas, and remember they could be called on that if they lied because no doubt people are not just reading the news here in America concerning overseas. But even with that, they carefully choose their wording and what they say.
For another example of their hypocrisy consider the Honduras issue.

Here’s a link to a Honduran news site:

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