Fallout 3 Cheats: Infinite EXP Trick @ Big Town

Visit Big Town (directly north of Vault 101, on the Vault side of the River) and speak with Bittercup. She will mention dating Pappy. Talk with Pappy and mention Bittercup’s remark in a Speech challenge. Even if you fail, the challenge will still be available — simply try over and over to merit success. Upon success, you’ll get 5 EXP, and the option to try again will still remain. Simply repeat successes as long as you like. You can reach level 20 in only a matter of hours, rather than days. Enjoy! Credit: www.gamefaqs.com ~~ DOESN’T WORK / PATCHES ~~ The game publisher, Bethesda, has issued mandatory game fixes for all of the major consoles with online access for this game. In order to use this glitch, you’ll probably have to remove the patch. This video is about the glitch, not about patch removal. All new comments about how the glitch doesn’t work will be ridiculed for not reading this section first, then you’ll read it, and slap yourself. Just to say so, i *would not* advise trying this glitch if you’re system is already patched. There are plenty of other glitches that don’t need unpatched games than to go to all that trouble. (for x360) rileyse20 writes: “go to settings,memory, when it says hardrive press Y. press clear cache that will remove patch then disconnect from xbox live and start the game up it will work then.” (for PS3) Solypsys writes: “Go under the Game tab and select Game Data Utility. Highlight the Fallout 3 entry and press triangle then press delete

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