relationship issues?

my husband says that I am controlling? but my thing is mistrusting him, i know how can you mistrust someone you are supose to love and even more your spouse. He has done a few things that he says that he has not but I know for a fact that he has done. I do not believe that he has cheated on me but he feels the need to conceal things from me. Am I wrong to mistrust him? His friends even his cousins are bad news I know this and he does as well but still keeps in contact with them, not only men but woman as well. It really disturbes me? . He gets upset when I ask him ( as he says to many question) but expects me to answer his. He says it is okay for me to go out with my friends if I want, but i feel that is only a way fo rhim to be able to go out and do what he wants. am I wrong? He makes me feel as I can not ask about his doings this makes me mistrust him. What am I doing wrong, how can Iet go of this feeling?

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