Is my wife cheating on me?

For about two months now I’ve had this nagging feeling that my wife has been cheating on me. I don’t know how to ask tell this other than writing it as a story and changing the names so here goes. Please bear with me here I’m very troubled and not really myself at the moment.

Joe and Mariah are married, but they have their problems and dont often get along. In Oct. 07 Mariah starts hanging out at a bar and makes some new friends. At first its just once a week and she is home by 2 am, but pretty soon it is a second then a third time and she stays out later and later, sometimes not coming home till 6 am. One of these friends who is a guy, Andrew, always buys her drinks and spends money on her when they go out to other places. Joe gets a little worried but Mariah tells him that he is just a friend, but admits that Andrew is in love with her but that she told him that they can only be friends and nothing more. Joe doesn’t understand why Mariah would continue letting Andrew spend money on her and thinks his wife isn’t being clear enough to him. Eventually, Mariah and Andrew have a falling out because he feels he is giving a lot to Mariah and getting nothing in return. Andrew tells Mariah’s friends that she is in an "open marriage" with Joe….something which according to Mariah he later took back and told everyone he was just being a jerk and wasnt true.

Anyway about a month ago Joe got suspicious enough to check Mariahs computer and found out she had a profile up on Yahoo personals since Oct 07 and that that is where she met Andrew. She previously had told Joe that he was just someone who had no friends and she introduced him to hers at the bar and that is how they started hanging out together. Joe is upset but gives Mariah the benefit of the doubt, but then Andrew buys her a heart necklace for christmas….

Add to this the fact that this wouldn’t be the first time Mariah cheated on someone. Years before she met Joe a long-term relationship Mariah had with another guy came to an end when he found out that she cheated on him.

Anyway, is Joe wrong for suspecting his wife is cheating on him? I just don’t understand why she would continue letting this guy buy her gifts if its been made clear to him that it will not go beyond being friends especially since she knows he is in love with her.
Just to add Joe and Mariah have two kids whom Joe is always watching when Mariah goes out….and Joe would have left some time ago if it wasnt for those kids.

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