i guess im just looking for others thoughts on the situation..?

i had been married for a few years, not really happy but i guess i was scared to leave (or be alone). I met a guy and we became really good friends, he was married also but not happy either but we decided that we could only be friends. A few months went by and i could tell he liked me more than just a friend, but i still resisted and told him just friends. Some more time went by and i realized that i started liking him too. So we decided that we wanted to be together. Since he and the wife had been having problems for a bit he went ahead and told her he wanted a divorce and she moved to a different state. I also told my husband i wanted a divorce. So I guess now we are together. We found and apartment together and will be moving in this weekend. He makes me crazy happy and treats me better than any other man i dated ever has. It still dosnt seems real, like it kinda feels like i will wake up and this will all have been a dream.
So i guess what im getting at is is this way to wrong? Neither of us were happy before, but now, together we are. I know that you shouldnt leave your spouse for someone else, and in a way i dont feel like we did it JUST for each other because neither of us was happy before we even met. I also know most people say if he cheated with you he will cheat on you, and how can you trust him? but in our situation it goes both ways..
so go ahead.. opinions.. thoughts.. whatever..
ok i didnt want this to be to long so i didnt add details.. but since some of you assume i guess i have to
Yes i did tell my husband how i felt.. several times.. nothing changed… so for those that say i didnt try with my husband i did..
as for him.. they went through marriage counseling 2 times.. didnt help either..
to the one who said i said "i guess we are together" i said that because we are both still legally married to other people.. so even though we are both going through divorces we are still legally married so i dont really know what to call us at this point.. it seems odd to say you are with someone else but still married… so i dont know what to call it..

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