What's up with this behavior…more info?

i just asked a question why my wife who’s ten years younger and absolutely beautiful and successful would accuse me of flirting, cheating, and being nasty to me sometimes. I needed to add some information to the last question. We have 3 kids between us and I know the signs of cheating (my first wife cheated) and she doesn’t exibit the typical signs so i don’t think she’s stepping out or doing the transference thing onto me.plus we’re with each other almost all the time when not at work. I know she was emotionally abused as a kid by her mother somewhat and her daughter’s father basically walked out on her (but she has a good relationship with her father and mother now). she is very sensitive to criticism and i try my best but she still thinks i’m doing all these crazy things behind her back and it feels like she’s beating me down sometimes. i’m a really good man and would never disrespect her. she knows i love her so why the nastiness to a man that really loves her to death?

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