Husband came home at 6:30AM…. help….?

My husband and I have been through some crap in the past, but worked through it and are or was at a better point in our relationship.

He went to work last night, works usually unti 2AM on weekends, anyway… I bitched at him a little when he called me at 1:30 because he hadn’t called me at all during work and I was a little upset… anywho, I woke up several times during the night and found he still was not home. I called him, text messaged him, even called his job and no answer, no response, and the janitor at his job said he wasn’t there. He walked in at 6:30AM this morning drunk… I was pissed! I knew in my mind, I should keep my mouth shut and talk about this when he sobers up… he walks in, immediately tells me "oh, I drank and fell asleep at work"… I responded with a simple, wherever you were you should go back there and sleep there because I am not going to argue with you and I don’t want you here right now. This instigated the argument, in which my husband said some extremely harsh words towards me… telling me "I’m f’ed up, he hates me, everybody hates me, get out, blah blah blah"… I finally packed up my bags, with tears in my eyes, with my dog and decided to leave…. I don’t have any girlfriends in my city so I called a mutual friend of ours and also a coworkers of his…. I told him I just needed somewhere to sleep for a little bit and calm down and I needed help… he said of course, come over and use my couch but you can’t bring the dog. I went back home to drop the dog off, and I guess he called my husband to say I called him… this got my husband into a fury in which he accused me of going over there to cheat on him, and that he would find all the girls I know and f**k them and he hates me and blah blah. I hated to leave my dog, but I had to get out of there… he was in a rage and he scared me alot…

The friend told me, that when he comes home drunk to just leave him alone… he said its best to just not talk to him, stay in the bed and leave him alone… I know, I guess thats what I should have done. But thing is, how would you react if your spouse came home at 6:30AM drunk? Its not like I attacked him when he got home, I just put some clothes and his toothbrush in a bag and told him to stay somewhere else.

I don’t know what to do next… advice, suggestions, maybe you have experience with this also?
I just want to add, only reason I called this guy was because he is the only one that lives nearby that I could go to…. he is a mutual friend, and nothing more to me… I just needed help. My family does not live close by and again I don’t have any girlfriends in this city. He stated to me he doesn’t want to get involved because then he becomes the bad guy, I told him I don’t want him involved at all… I just needed help and a place to stay for a while, while my husbands sobers up…. when my husband gets mad, I become the bad guy for everything and its usually me that gets the insults and abuse… I just needed somewhere safe to go and sleep… thats all.
He did hit me… as I was trying to leave, he cornered me in the bedroom and hit me in the face about 3 times… thats when my dog got behind me and started growling at him. He was so drunk he fell over when he tried to come at me… I was so scared I started hyperventilating when I got out of the house… and a stranger came up and asked me if I needed the police. I couldn’t even talk I was breathing so hard…
I didn’t know he was like this when I married him, we have had our problems but things have been going very well… something triggered him into getting back into these old habits.

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