Husband asked another girl to go out for a couple of beers?

***Sorry this is so long, please take the time to read. I’m very worried!***

Over the last 4 weeks, my husband has suddenly become very distant. He’s home for a late dinner and by the time we’re done with dishes and have the kids in bed, he’s ready for bed. We hardly talk anymore and our sex life has gone from 3 times a week (with him initiating) to once a week. It takes a great deal of effort on my part to even get him to do that. It’s like he’s sleeping with me because I’m begging him, not because he wants to. The last 4 saturdays in a row he’s been going out "with the guys". Two of those Saturdays he didn’t come home until the next morning (has NEVER done that before), the other two, he was home around 3 am…and then he goes to sleep on the couch instead of coming to bed (not normal either).

He left his facebook page up on the computer last night and I did a little snooping. I wouldn’t have if he hadn’t been acting so weird lately. I discovered that he’s gotten back in contact with an old friend from high school…who just happens to be a girl. He gave her his cell number and asked if they could get together for drinks. I then checked his phone and found he’s been calling her regularly. Checking the dates of the converstations on facebook, I discovered that the same weekend he asked her for drinks is the 1st saturday he went out…and didn’t come home.

I’m having a hard time with this. She sounded reluctent to see him because he’s married and my husband’s stories seemed to check out. Granted, he usually only goes out once every 1 or 2 months. But his stories were very believable, especially since I know these guy friends so well. I’m hesitant to accuse him of anything. And even with all the "coincidences", I’m having a hard time beliving he would cheat on me. Our relationship (until 4 weeks ago) has been better than ever. We’re even renewing our wedding vows in June.

If this was your spouse, would you be suspicious? Am I over reacting? And how do I bring up the subject without telling him I snooped on his facebook page? (Feeling very guilty about that)
The excuse for not coming home the first night was because he was too drunk. To be fair, I have told him that if he’s at a friend’s house and too drunk to drive, I want him to stay there. BUT, I also said that he needs to call me (no matter the time) so that I’m not worrying he’s dead on the side of the road. The second time, I knew he wasn’t going to be home. He said his friend (I know him) was having a birthday party an because this friend is an hour away, he just planned to stay.

And I’ve spoken to him about the lack of sex and he says "anticipation makes it better. We have fantastic sex when we don’t have it all the time". I can’t exactly disagree, but still…
She really isn’t an old girlfriend. My husband and I went to high school together. I know who this girl is, I just never ran in the same circles she did. But I do know for a fact that they never dated…back then.
No, no, no, we didn’t get married at 18. I had a baby 18 with my high school boyfriend. I was friends with my husband in high school, we didn’t get married until he was 23 and I was 21.

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