Can we ever trust a man to the point he doesn't have to wear a condom?

I was in the room when my niece was watching some MTV special on Sex Myths (she’s 16, better she knows in my opinion). Most of the crap was common sense, but one thing struck a note with me. They pretty much preached that you should ALWAYS use a condom, even in a monogamous, long term relationship because you never know where someone has been and they could cheat on you and blah, blah, blah.

Yes, this is true. But, come on, what about us married people? Are we all using condoms?! Is it REALLY to much to ask that my husband doesn’t give me a disease?! How is anyone supposed to have a baby if they want one?

::sigh::… way to freak me out MTV.

My married friends, you ever worry your spouse will give you a disease?
Hahaha, I’m not even remotely suspicious of my husband having an affair. But, yes, I’m a Biologist, and very paranoid about all that crap. We didn’t even stop using condoms until I had his doctor’s report in hand telling me that he was clean. That was over 6 years ago.
I’ve had my tubes tied, so no babies for us.

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