How do you deal with a husbands ex?

Ok my husband and I have been married just over a year and I would say that we have a typical marriage. My husband works 2nd shift in a factory and puts in a lot of over time, but the time we have we try to spent together. He’s a great guy and he has treated my daughter from a previous relationship like his own. I have done something’s in my relationship that I wasn’t proud of (i have cheated on him, but he doenst’ know), but we do love each other very much.

My problem is my husband was in a relationship with a girl for 5 years. It was his first love and they broke up like 6 years ago. Shes the type of girl that everyone hates your spouse to have as an ex. Shes successful and beautiful. I know he is over her because he has told me that his past is in the past and its that. However he and his ex have still kept in contact over the years they were apart. I don’t’ think that they have ever got back together after they split but they would meet up for beers and hang out. Since we have been married they haven’t talked then all of a sudden she started sending him text messages. I found out because he left his cell phone at home one night when he was at the gym. She sent him a happy birthday message. A message that she heard a song they used to sing together. A message asking how one of his friends was doing because she ran into him and he looked up set..I don’t’ know if she is just trying to get back in his life or what. I honestly think she still loves him and it really irritates me. I have told him to tell her to not to text but she still has texted him.Also one weekend I was working at the bar and he was walking with one of his friends and she was there with her husband and she came up and gave him a hug and was talking to her. I just don’t’ want her around. Am I wrong to think that she is trying to break my relationship or does my husband like the attention? I’m going crazy here.
I dont’ know why I cheated my husband is working a lot as I said, and sometimes I’m just attracted to other men besides him. I know that sounds terrible..
I also forgot a big text that sent me in a freak out…she was sending him like pron text that people send each other..Serioulsy thats wrong right?

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