i wonder why some people think there is a perfect couple?

only married people will understand this one so .
why do some people think there is a couple that dont fight. everybody fights , there is no such thing as a perfect couple . hubby and i fight so? last time we were going to a friends house . the whole time he was driving my face was turned to the window cause we kept fighting and arguing about road directions and what not. when we got there we were still at it until we got out of the car . but as soon as we rang that bell we started smiling as if we were in paradise .do you people do that sometimes ? sometimes we will be at a party and something will happen and we say oh sorry we have to leave now we ve got to be somewhere else too today . but hey we were going home cause we couldnt pretend anymore . as soon as you hit the car you start fighting like crazy or you turn you face to the window again.
but it doesnt mean we dont love each other does it ? it doesnt mean we arent right for each other . if hubby cheats, i would like to know why he did and see if we can work trought it but for some people the first thing that comes to mind is divorce. why is that? how does a couple who care about each other grow to hate each other . yeah sometimes i feel like ok i am ready to pull the trigger but i know i never will does that mean we dont love each other ? NO . what do you guys think ? do you guys fight with your spouse ? ( it even sounds like a dumb questin to as if you ask me )
i am not saying that is my case . hubby and i get along despite our moments but i am just trying to point out a point that every little things doesnt have to result in divorce like most people are doing it now . of course i wont tolerate a cheating case but , well it depends the situation .

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