Leaving his wife…cheating.. what would happen?

Hello. I need some help, but not for me. My brother just called and asked what would happen if he got a divorce from his wife. He sez hes been unhappy for the longest time and hes just tired and wants to leave now. He also said for the last week (and is the only time) hes been cheating and is happy with this girl. His wife doesnt know yet about any of this… Hes scared what would happen b/c he has 3 kids. How much child support could she nail him for? Hes worried about that and how he should tell her or when he should tell her. So his main concern is the child support thing. Anyone have any advise or…??? I dont know.. websites on help or something… I just wanna help him out. Ive been waiting for this for a long long time. This girl… shes the devil. She caused so much pain to the family. He deserves so much better than that. Well, thanks for any help anyone can give me. It means a lot to my brother and myself.
no, you dont understand, no one in the family like her, shes the devil and the most rudest person you could ever meet.
and NO, i am not the toher woman, hesmy brother and i am there for him and trying to help him. im a happily married woman whos trying to help her brother.

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