Why doesnt my husband desire me?

I am 44. My husband is 45. We have been married for 3 months. Dated for 2 years. We are great friends and get along great. But my husband does not ever approach me for sex. Any time we have sex, it is because I initiate it. I feel like I make love to him, rather than he making love to me. I am sick of it. We can be in bed and cuddle and kiss, but he doesnt allow it to become sexual. If it starts to get passionate, he stops participating. Will lay there motionless. Even if I get in to bed naked, he doesnt touch me. Doenst even make a comment about it. Completely ignores it. It is not because he has sexual difficulties. He is hard as a rock and when we do have sex it is great. But it is infrequently. I do not believe him to be gay.There are absolutely no signs. And there is absolutely no sign of infidelity. If we are not at work, we are home together. I am perplexed as to how we can be so close OUT of bed, that it cant translate IN bed. He is affectionate and cuddly. Just no sex.

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